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balloon by cloaked-nouveau balloon :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 4 0 lestry by cloaked-nouveau lestry :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 0 3
seedling why without
dirt can you grow,
deep stuckshot inside
and with my frost fever and curled toes
i ask why you seedling chose
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 1 0
water by cloaked-nouveau water :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 2 2
I should go walking
in the rain
by the river,
Ain't nobody going to see me fall in.
I should go screaming
through the forest
forearms bloodied.
Ain't nobody going to know where I been.
I should go falling
through the floorboards
into silence.
You will never have known I'd been there.
I should go jumping
off the corner
of the rooftop.
Smile on my face, wind blowing hair.
Oh, nobody going to know that I was there.
Oh, nobody going to see me fall in.
Oh, nobody going to know where I been.
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 2 1
She's such a bitch.
Burned my eggs, toast, birth certificate.
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 3 0
maybe that is our plight,
(and our is ours, you and I.
Reader, Writer.)
I keep all inside 'til it spills out,
inkblot over pages, blood spatters on canvas
you read, take deep draughts of poetiks,
and wait for me to bleed some more.
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 1 1
my grandfather by cloaked-nouveau my grandfather :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 1 1 alice cullen by cloaked-nouveau alice cullen :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 0 1 hi again by cloaked-nouveau hi again :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 2 2
i ... am not a polaroid
i, mona tuck, am not a polaroid
life does not paint white squares around me and my turquoise-faded skies
i am not a paled tan figure, ambiguous in muted colour
neither am i a photograph
in a shoebox left upstairs for twenty-six years
but some day that is all i will be.
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 4 2
i see you by cloaked-nouveau i see you :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 0 0
illimitable force pulsing
unimaginable beloved of leaping forks of the sun,
lightning, says he, and a moment is spent wondering where the sun hides her forks
there is an inexplicable purple hue to the sky tonight
low rumbles run along the corridors of clouds, sending shivers where they crash, hammering
the fear, love in my chest
(where all fear is kept)
and a crack, the fork has lept
from the ground to the sky, or vice versa (I cannot tell, bright is my eyes, and dark)
closer, closer, all shrieks by (time,
life, burnt smell of pavement) wet pools around my feet
illimitable force pulsing, tearing
at me
skid, I hold my breath
in the breath of all breaths
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 1 1
celestial by cloaked-nouveau celestial :iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 13 10
are you ?
she looks at me like I am crazy, like I shake a trembling madness in my mind. I do not repeat the question, she deigns not to answer, pretends I never asked
the man at the counter who has been to the bottom of every bottle just smiles, his eyes distantly focused. no, he says magnaminously, well I don't know, who would lie intentionally? my friends, no, never.
-do I get tired of lying? he runs a palsied hand through a ragged mop of hair, not nervous, thinking. do I? sometimes, but there-
a pause, he has a half smile edged with a downward droop.
-there is always a way around the tedium.
-yes, yes, yes, she gasps, i am sorry sorry i didn't mean to lie, but i did, and it is so easy to redefine- her face explodes and i didn't mean to make it so.
no, not tired of lying here, not yet.
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 1 0
city night
She stands, and her feet make little pads on the concrete as she moves to the light switch, sashaying to her own rythmic cadence, and for a moment the birdlike bones are covered with a natural grace that surprises my heart.
She crosses back, now dimly lit by the dull light coming in from the broken window, and levels an acid gaze on me. No bird here, she’s trying to say.
I haven’t the heart to say anything, and she turns away before reaching for a pack of slender cigarettes. Marlboro Lites. Meets my look again and nearly says something, but instead lifts her half-covered shoulder with resignation. Lights up. A few breaths, and she regains enough composure to smile ever so slightly, her lips parting to let forth rivulets of ghost-breath.
Karon is twenty-one and has aged negative twelve years since I last saw her. She’s a waif now, eaten inside out by acid that runs through her veins (but God she loves it). She sleeps with her dealer to ensure a better deal. She lies
:iconcloaked-nouveau:cloaked-nouveau 1 0

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Wize Man's Belt by Marcusstratus Wize Man's Belt :iconmarcusstratus:Marcusstratus 1,578 411 Secrets by iNeedChemicalX Secrets :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 1,765 125
To Be A Writer
To be a writer
Means to have yet another excuse for bad behavior.
It means that when I sit next to you and I am wrestling the
smoke from your cigarette like a bear I want to believe
we'll end up on the floor in gritty film rolls and beer cans
and start to choke.
Because I remember how the whiskey made her eyes
shine and her her hair a swimming pool. When she took
me aside and said
"You two are going to destroy each other," with a little
Parisian smile. Expecting one day to read great mythology
that we made with bread knives we stuck in each other's
So one day I felt like being more clever than
romantic and I caught you by the shoulder
And I said,
"You know, we're going to destroy each other."
You didn't laugh but I saw you wanted to because
your mouth was like a tepid hurricane and your hands
were reaching out the window to throw a tree at me.
And you said,
"No, darling, I don't have time for that."
It was spring and all that was in your hands
was rabbit water and flowers.
You kn
:iconsnow-machine:Snow-Machine 47 16
he is.
he is
because he takes me back
to times where all i had to do
was smile
and the fruit fell from the tree.
:iconmasa-chan:Masa-chan 9 14
always warmer. by homseni always warmer. :iconhomseni:homseni 16 2 deep, hard, drowsily III. by BlackProserpine deep, hard, drowsily III. :iconblackproserpine:BlackProserpine 140 11 Memories smell like flowers by alifann Memories smell like flowers :iconalifann:alifann 15,404 1,062 Woman on a Bed by Cybotics Woman on a Bed :iconcybotics:Cybotics 246 68 Charlotte 2 by Elfland Charlotte 2 :iconelfland:Elfland 74 16 Anny 4 by seredin Anny 4 :iconseredin:seredin 57 4 Response by ClintCearley Response :iconclintcearley:ClintCearley 800 61 Enduring Renewal by DavidDeb Enduring Renewal :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 2,955 516 The Swan Maiden by Achen089 The Swan Maiden :iconachen089:Achen089 8,893 879
An Open Letter to the Church
To whom it may concern:
I am a new member to your parish. I recently moved here, and began attending services on Ash Wednesday.
I was very pleased with your parish, its message and community. I was very excited to make this parish my home. But only 2 weeks later my mood was severely dimmed.
I attended the 8:30am mass on February 28th. On this day, as I am sure many will remember, a disheveled man came into the chapel right before the Eucharist. He seemed somewhat out of sorts, his hair uncombed, his clothes dirty, and no shoes on his feet. I was sure immediately he was homeless.
He seemed to be aware he was in a church. Her was mumbling to him self, and would utter phrases such as hallelujah and toss his hands in the air. He passed my row, and I really hoped he would sit by me. I have worked with homeless and mentally disabled groups, and would have been happy to have him beside me.  I was not far from where he did sit and could not hear him my self after he pass
:iconjell-0:JELL-0 6 27




outside is an august leaf all crumpled dry shivered but has a breath of june.

dead ready to be dead dog done.

singSING that i don't-what-do-i know. HOURS.
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